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N24H Drive Wanted by Experienced New Zealander

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  • N24H Drive Wanted by Experienced New Zealander

    I am skilled, passionate and enthusiastic and looking for a reliable drive in the N24H September 2020. I have 21 finishes from 25 starts in a wide range of race cars most recently the Scangrip BMW 335 in class SP8T which will not be entering this year. I have my Nordschleife A permit, New Zealand licences, Eifel accommodation, air tickets and some funding.

    Please contact Wayne Moore
    +64 21 471 796
    [email protected]
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    Hello I now have a seat for the N24H in a Giti Golf. BIG thanks to those friends who were looking out for me AND found this drive. Speed Safely!


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      😊 very good, pofessionel. Team 👍